An brief introduction to: Pomade

The English word “pomade” is derived from French pommade meaning “ointment“, itself arising from the Latin pomum (fruit, apple) via the Italian pomata or pomo ( meaning “apple”—as the original ointment recipe contained mashed apples).[1] Modern pomades may contain fragrances, but they are usually not particularly fruity. I recently started to stock Layrite pomade in my store here in Copenhagen. I am not endorsed … More An brief introduction to: Pomade

The Shop.

FINALLY GOT A SHOP Haircuts, beard trims and shaves as well as vinyl in a space for guys to relax and take time. Møllegade 8, Copenhagen N, 2200, Denmark FTB

Bailey’s Tonsorial Barber Shop: It started with pomade.

 As you know, sometimes we can find yourself in a situation we didn’t see coming. Just this Sunday passed I was binging on the internet, choosing to spend the oh so “holy” of days deepening my understanding of pomades, how they can be used, what brands were out there, how they are made etc. I know, I’m so cool! … More Bailey’s Tonsorial Barber Shop: It started with pomade.

Trust Thy Barber

There is a trusting relationship that evolves between a man and his barber, over time your barber can become someone that you confide in and take advice from, that you trust with the details of your life like no other person who is not a part of your family or close friends. I know this also … More Trust Thy Barber

My first Pop-Up

POP-UP! I will be doing some cutting this Thursday at a new bar in Copenhagen called La Atlética. It’s a warm up get together before Roskilde really kicks off, come and say Hi. The details are all here…Roskilde Warm Up